THE SECRET GARDEN is a magical place hidden in the heart of the Belgian ‘Kempen’ region. In the early ’90 ies This old farm was bought by artist couple Katrien Strijbol & Pol Engels. This house became their life’s work And step by step they turned it into an extraordinary place. Their house became an open space with grand feasts with music, food, drinks and performances. The sultry Italian countryside atmosphere with trees hanging full of lanterns, a glass greenhouse overflowing with Grapes in summer, A long stretched out swimming pool, a carousel where the wisteria overgrown and became a Natural tent with countless lights between the flowers. The SECRET GARDEN became a dream place full of unique things that have been collected over a long stretch of time. And the time has come to share this magical place. Friends and family got married here and experienced unforgettable moments. In the secret garden there are countless hidden corners. Together with the large country house this makes the ultimate location for events, weekends with friends or family, weddings, baby showers, workshops and so on. There are accommodation options in the house for up to 12 people. There is an outdoor kitchen, the heart of the garden, where you can cook together, a studio ideal for workshops exhibitions, indoor parties,... this as Pop up concept.

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With love